I received my Unibox - complimentary from Influenster.

Influenster is a company that sends you items to try & review for companies.

in this box, I received Impress manicure stick on nails, 1 box of playtex tampons, redrose tea, acroball, matte foundation and NYC lip color. 

Impress nails were okay. They were easy to stick on, have cute designs, and popped off very simple as well when I wanted them off. 8/10

Playtex tampons: they were awesome. The have a smell to them - kind of like orange. I really liked that.  And they worked like a charm 10/10

Redrose tea: This is one of those things where you add as much to water for a desired flavor.  Usually I enjoy them.  This time, I really didn’t.  I am very particular about the tea I drink - sweet tea being my least favorite, and this is what it was.  Therefore, I found it absolutely disgusting.  Tea lovers, go for it.  But it’s not for me! 2/10

The Acroball:  This pen was pretty awesome. The tip was small and very easy to write with.  I used it to take notes and it never once died on me.  Only problem was from time to time, the ink came through the top of the pen and stained my fingeres. 9/10

Matte Foundation:  I am not a person who wears foundation so I didn’t really find this useful.  It had a good smell, went on very smooth and blended flawlessly.  Only problem was - it wasn’t my color! They sent me a porcelain color & it definitely whited me out. 6/10

& NYC Lip color:  I, also, am not a lipstick gal.  This lipstick went on very easy, also had a good smell to it and stayed on.  But.. just like the foundation, the color sent was TOO BRIGHT.  They sent me this really bright pink that was terrible for my skin! 6/10

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the number one sense that hurts the worst

because one instance, it is gentle

and the other

it hurts so fucking bad

like needles sinking into my skin


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karma is one of the funniest things in this world,

for the use of both good and bad

when I mostly associate it with the worst of all.

And when someone I know acts out in a way that only karma can fix I am relieved, and even more so when the person who is getting it finally falls face first into the pile of shit they’ve created.

I don’t feel an ounce of pity. 

Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics

I was given these complimentary from Influesnter to review and I’m going to tell you all about them!

Goody has came out with these gorgeous cute little hair bands that are super stylish and work O.K. They come in so many different shades and colors and designs. I also just want to snatch them up every time I go to walmart because I think they are so visually appealing. However, my one flaw is they don’t really wrap tight. I like having tight pony tails in, so when it comes time to have that, you should just stick with a good ol’ regular hair elastic. If you’re looking for something just for a cute braid, then this is an awesome attachment to a good doo!

You can refer to http://www.goody.com/ for details and purchasing of this item!

Put good use to those old, loose shirts



Soo cute!! I’m trying this with one of my dad’s old band tees. XD

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Back the fuck up for a second there, bro.

I can’t take this shit anymore. It’s like for the past 3 months i’ve been fighting full fucking forced against a tidal wave  and I’ m about to be knocked the fuck over. I have such high desperation for shit. I try non stop for you, holding onto things that I think are worth keeping. But you keep fucking this up and all I’ve been good at is forgiving your ass for it. WHY. for WHY? for love? do I even know what that is? I need to back up. I’m not thinking clearly… but come the fuck on.. when is this 90/10 bulll shit going to fucking end? When I end it? Who the fuck am I kidding?! We all know I don’t have the urge deep inside my heart to end shit but I’ve got to learn my worth. I’ve got to quit challenging time and telling myself that things will get better, because clearly they aren’t. They honestly haven’t for months. 

The problem with people is, you can’t change them. They are going to do exactly what they want regardless of how much they know you hate it, or how bad it may or may not hurt you. How much bull shit is that? Isn’t love all about being understanding and compromising to one another? well, isn’t it? But it hasn’t been that. Not for me. Our perspectives vary from person to person. Life is all about outlooks, and that is how we learn. But I fucking hate this outlook. I don’t want to look back and realize how stupid I was and that I should have done things differently. But if “life is too short,” and I don’t take risks, how do I know otherwise. I am blabbering. Whatever. 

My point is… I don’t want to be the good-hearted person who deserves everything to be sold short in life. I know I am  damn good person. I would treat a man in a way he has no idea could even exist, But holy shit, no one wants to keep that kind of woman. Say it. “You’re going for the wrong men.” I genuinely thought this man was so fucking good, you have no idea. All good things end though. No joke. 

On the edge of saying fuck this shit. 

Again, who am I kidding…





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“Watching youtube and trying to learn how to tie a bow tie…”

“Watching youtube and trying to learn how to tie a bow tie…”

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Play Crack The Sky - Straylight Run w/ Jesse Lacey

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